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Dear friends and colleagues,

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the generosity and spirit of UMACC!

UMACC’s message is one of togetherness at a time when community has never been more important. Participating in UMACC gives us all a chance to come together and make a real difference.

UMACC donors give to more than 450 nonprofits. These organizations support the environment, cure diseases, provide for veterans, enhance food security, promote social justice and the arts, and so much more.

Last year alone UMass faculty, staff, and retirees came together to raise $484,000 with 67% of donations going to nonprofits in the four Western MA counties!

We are better together!

Thank you and be well.

Jackie Brousseau-Pereira Assistant Dean and Director of First-Year Seminars College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Sid Ferreira Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life

Great Reasons to Give through UMACC! We are experiencing a time of unprecedented need and this is an easy way to help and generate hope.

It’s fun!

It shows the local community that UMass cares.

It reduces administrative work for nonprofits and since over 80% of UMACC donors renew, it's a predictable form of income for them.

It's easy to give to several nonprofits at once.

Payroll deduction is awesome.

It makes record keeping a breeze and things are easier at tax time.

Giving as a part of a community towards a common goal motivates people to participate, who would not donate otherwise. (For real!)

Feel more comfortable with a Paper Pledge form?

Click button below to download a form.

Have questions? Email Jen Gallant at jengallant@umass.edu.

Where Your Donation Goes

It's a lot of work every year to process over 2400 donations and to pay 450 nonprofit organizations!

UMACC is fortunate to partner with CHC: Creating Healthier Communities, our Campaign Fiscal Administrator.

CHC's fee is only 6% of the donations that come in.

That means 94% of what you donate goes to the nonprofit(s) that you choose, and 100% of your donation goes to nonprofit organizations.

If you pay by credit cards fees will be deducted from your gift. Find out more here about CHC and the amazing organizations that they fund.

UMACC program expenses are paid by the office of External Relations and Community Events.

Mailing address:  UMACC/External Relations and University Events  Munson Hall  101 Hicks Way  Amherst, MA 01003