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The Birthing Place (TBP) is an organization passionately committed to addressing the maternal health crisis in the United States. TBP fills a care gap by providing culturally responsive and sustaining education that is free of charge to families who often have limited or no access to birthing education.
Since 2020, we’ve created doula-led childbirth education programs: clinics, hospitals, and community based organizations have brought in our unique virtual curriculum for their blossoming families. Mostly educating Bronxites, we now reach more than 800 pregnant families annually! 
In 2022, TBP launched “Womb Bus” a wellness outreach van and Perinatal Safe Spot – providing education and resources to neighborhoods in the Bronx. 
Despite making huge strides, a current impactful program serving a population most in need is currently in jeopardy of being halted. In Jan 2023, two organizations supported and funded a project for TBP Educational Content Expansion, which emerged in direct response to community members’ requests for in-depth perinatal education, beyond our comprehensive three week core set of classes, developing a valuable TBP Deep Dive series: (1) Hospital Birthing & Advocacy; (2) Comfort & Coping Strategies for Labor; (3) The Epidural; (4) Labor Induction; and (5) Preparing for a Cesarean.  In 2023, we had a total of 506 registrants for these advanced classes– at no cost!
Currently we offer monthly prenatal classes (Core 3-Week series + TBP Deep Dive classes), along with our quarterly new parent postpartum support groups; we have an annual cohort of mentors join Together (defined below); and we begin a special youth program. All of which are designed and facilitated with care, precision and always uplifting the community. 
We now fundraise to achieve the following GOALS:
Sustain the cadence of our in-demand, doula-led perinatal educational offerings:
◦ Comprehensive 3-week series, monthly, alternating between English and Spanish
◦ Deep Dive series (topics listed above), quarterly, in English and Spanish 
◦ New Parent Support Groups, biannually, in English and Spanish
Translate Core 3-Week series into French, offered quarterly, in response to ample requests
Build the doula workforce to support birthing families via Conscious Birth Collective’s Together Mentorship Program for BIPOC birthworkers, in partnership with local doula collective leaders, offering 24-weeks of professional development and apprenticeship
Embark on a comprehensive, re-imagined Sexual & Reproductive Education Program for Bronx Youth, a brand new partnership with Work, Learn, and Grow engaging young people into valuable conversations with inclusive, multilingual reproductive health professionals
Can you help us meet our fundraising goals to uplift and serve our community? 
With $75,000, we can effectively execute ALL programs described above, lavishly supporting our Bronx Families. Your support is instrumental in sustaining our existing work and fulfilling our mission. By contributing to The Birthing Place, you are investing in maternal health and championing a vision for improved experiences for birthing families with the greatest need and fewest resources. 
Together, let’s change the narrative of maternal health in our community.